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Jargon basement…

It’s a rough, tough world of politics out there – with business buzzwords the language of choice for politicians keen to be heard, and taken seriously.

If you’ve got the bandwidth, get this headline story on a proliferation of corporate-speak that’s even swept up the big enchilada Barack Obama.


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SEO: keywords just soooo yesterday

Once upon a time we copywriters knew where we all stood SEO-wise.

We included keywords and phrases in just the right percentage and position – then stood back and waited for the traffic to roar in.

This piece on neuromarketing is a useful taster of where we’re going next with SEO – if we haven’t started going there already…

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Happy New Year


The presents have been opened and the festive food consumed. That’s Xmas and Auld Lang Syne all done and dusted – and the days now getting longer.

A very Happy New Year to all Tim Trout Copywriting clients old and new.

I look forward to working with you as 2013 unfolds.



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August 30: TTC re-opens post holiday

Tim Trout Copywriting is once again open for business after a fantasically long, hot and lazy August break in France.

So do get in touch with your copywriting brief for websites, emails, brochures, reports, ads – in fact any platform or channel that demands engaging words to schmooze your audience.

Looking for a customised in-house copywriting course to sharpen up your team’s writing skills? I do those too.



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Coming up: June 29/30 – copywriting course for teams at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Tim Trout Copywriting Courses go longhaul at the end of June with a trip to the amazing Atlantis The Palm in Dubai.

Over two days I’ll be working with multi-cultural Atlantis teams to develop their copywriting skills at one of the world’s most spectacular resort hotels – right there on The Palm.

Find out more about copywriting courses on my dedicated training site

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RED Annual Review for University of Bristol now published

Annual review 2011 for University of Bristol Research & Development Division The University of Bristol has recently published its latest Research & Enterprise Development (RED) division annual review – written by me in autumn 2011.

The project involved agreeing the structure of the 22-page document with the commissioning team, arranging and carrying out face-to-face interviews for the profile pieces, as well as editing content from a variety of other sources

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Can I have a word?

Nice piece by Will Self on BBC site on the pleasure of obscure words.

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Variety is the spice of life

A busy end to a varied week that’s taken in the last tweaks to a major annual report, the final sections of a copywriting course for delivery March 29th and the first draft for a university MBA prospectus.

Diversity is a healthy thing that keeps a copywriter’s mind in good shape. And it stops you getting stale as you grapple with different issues and challenges, often within quite tight timeframes.

Imagine writing about widgets, or food, or cars, or finance all of the time…

Would be easy to develop a one-track mind and be less of a resource that brings fresh perspective to each new job.

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Copywriting tips: first drafts and blank sheets

copywriting tipsThese are the two main starting points for most copywriting jobs.

Where the client has committed him- or herself to paper and made a good start. Or has the end result clearly in mind, but not really kicked off.

So I’m often asked to either polish the text to publication standard from draft copy or recommend a ‘from scratch’ approach – sometimes also sourcing the information needed before I can fill those blank sheets or screens with just the right content.

What all this highlights is that every client has their preferred way of doing things and I’m always happy to fit in with that. The most important thing I can do as a copywriter is understand that process completely – and the client’s expectations – so that the job is nailed first time round (or as far as humanly possible).

Copywriting tips for success:

  • Ensure that all interested (and influential!) parties have had their say in inputting at draft copy stage
  • Make doubly sure that all who should have, have had their input at briefing, if heading down the ‘blank sheets’ route.

Get this approach clear from the start and copywriting a project can be a breeze. Get it wrong and, well, let’s say things can get messy…





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New Tim Trout Copywriting site nearly complete

I love WordPress so much – yes really – I’ve built  this main site to accompany the new copywriting courses / training site already online at www.copywriting-training.co.uk

The new Tim Trout Copywriting site is growing every day and features examples of my work across diverse business sectors.


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