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Bad language – bad for business?

Pfizer boss Ian Read epitomises a jargonistic netherworld of ‘flexible headcounts’ and ‘cultures of ownership’ – as this nice BBC piece on jargon highlights.

Let’s all ‘reach out’ to something simpler – and more compelling…

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Cringe! Copywriting to make your toes curl too.

Ad-Age-Logo_smallUS creative/writer Bill Karl talks us through some all-too-familiar copywriting structures in his Advertising Age piece Ad Nauseam: Copywriting at its Cringeworthy Best

You’ll never look at The Non Sequitur, Blindsiding Question or Three-Word Tagline in the same light again.




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Copywriting is infographics – get the picture?

infographicThis piece on the power of infographics is a useful intro to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So if you’re after fewer words, make them tip-top quality.

By using a copywriter!


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Design Shadows launch for Rotterdam agency Brand, New & Fresh

Rotterdam-based digital development specialists Brand, New & Fresh have launched their brand new ‘design to web’ service Design Shadows.

The service converts and tunes files for digital publication – using ‘smart’ responsive techniques so that web content adjusts and displays perfectly, whatever the platform. Thanks to WordPress CMS and Magento eCommerce technology, publishers remain fully in control of their online content.

Brand, New & Fresh chose Tim Trout Copywriting to edit its English language web content for the Design Shadows service, as well as the manual that covers the service offer in detail.

Best of luck with the new service to Quin and team.


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