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Bad language – bad for business?

Pfizer boss Ian Read epitomises a jargonistic netherworld of ‘flexible headcounts’ and ‘cultures of ownership’ – as this nice BBC piece on jargon highlights.

Let’s all ‘reach out’ to something simpler – and more compelling…

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Cringe! Copywriting to make your toes curl too.

Ad-Age-Logo_smallUS creative/writer Bill Karl talks us through some all-too-familiar copywriting structures in his Advertising Age piece Ad Nauseam: Copywriting at its Cringeworthy Best

You’ll never look at The Non Sequitur, Blindsiding Question or Three-Word Tagline in the same light again.




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Copywriting is infographics – get the picture?

infographicThis piece on the power of infographics is a useful intro to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So if you’re after fewer words, make them tip-top quality.

By using a copywriter!


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Spring clean: Gloster furniture project goes live

GlosterUpscale worldwide outdoor furniture brand Gloster has given its website and offline comms a thorough pre-spring clean – perfectly timed for the new season.

The brief involved working closely with the marketing team to rewrite all ‘Collections’ product copy in a consistent tone of voice, as well as company background pages. It also extended to re-writing and editing new content for a number of printed publications.

All we want now is the weather…





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