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Annual report copywriting made easy: 5 top tips

AR_2There. That got your attention. Anyone who claims that writing an annual report is easy must have a screw loose. Right?

The truth is that getting the content together and writing it is a lot less painful if you follow these five top tips. And the busy annual report season will go like a dream.

1. Know who’s drafting what and when
Put an initial against each contribution proposed on the flat plan – alongside first and second draft deadlines and any other amendment process details. Make sure all involved know when their input is needed. And when they’ll be able to comment on the initial draft.

2. Make a plan for key elements like Chairman and CEO statements
Face to face interview? Or conversations around prepared questions on the phone? Either way it pays to flesh out a complementary angle for each that focuses on those strategic/operational differences and  – ideally – reflects the personality and style of the individuals involved.

3. Think case studies, editorial and other engaging content
Annual reports may have to contain a whole stack of statutory information, the only limit to making them more interesting is your imagination. Interview clients as well as employees. Go down the case study route. Raid the archives for a piece of history. If the content is genuinely interesting, the annual report may even get read…

4. Apply house styles from the start
Consistency is key. So make sure any specific names and company/organisation references are always spelled the same way. And that there’s a policy on things like km or kilometer. The devil is in the detail…

5. Use the right tone of voice for the job
Just because an annual report is important, it doesn’t mean it has to be dry and boring in tone. Engage your audiences as if they are people and watch your brand come to life.

From oil production and the weather, to leisure, financial services and anything else you’d like to report about – find out more about how Tim Trout Copywriting could help make your next annual report project go with a swing.

View a Kuwait Energy annual report example here.


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