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Go Hadley! Top columnist feels the heat as a grammar judge

The Guardian’s fabulous @HadleyFreeman discovers there’s nothing like grammar to get folk wound up when judging the Bad Grammar Award.

With you Hadley. 100%!

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Headline news

Oh-My-Headline-300x248Writing strong headlines is one of the most important elements of copywriting. Because if you can’t get the attention, you’ve got no chance of holding it – and getting the results you want in terms of response.

This thoughtful blog piece in The Guardian charts how online headlines have moved from click bait to over-promised hype – and suggests readers are wising up to too many hollow promises at the top of a story…

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Copywriting is infographics – get the picture?

infographicThis piece on the power of infographics is a useful intro to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So if you’re after fewer words, make them tip-top quality.

By using a copywriter!


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#avatars: how the internet has enriched our vocab…

A nice Guardian piece on a book that charts how the internet is shaping our lingo is a reminder that language never stands still.

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Jargon basement…

It’s a rough, tough world of politics out there – with business buzzwords the language of choice for politicians keen to be heard, and taken seriously.

If you’ve got the bandwidth, get this headline story on a proliferation of corporate-speak that’s even swept up the big enchilada Barack Obama.


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New Tim Trout Copywriting site nearly complete

I love WordPress so much – yes really – I’ve built  this main site to accompany the new copywriting courses / training site already online at

The new Tim Trout Copywriting site is growing every day and features examples of my work across diverse business sectors.


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