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Lessons in less: nice piece by a copywriter who ‘gets it’…

Nice one Andrew Boulton.

With you on that one.

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Design Shadows launch for Rotterdam agency Brand, New & Fresh

Rotterdam-based digital development specialists Brand, New & Fresh have launched their brand new ‘design to web’ service Design Shadows.

The service converts and tunes files for digital publication – using ‘smart’ responsive techniques so that web content adjusts and displays perfectly, whatever the platform. Thanks to WordPress CMS and Magento eCommerce technology, publishers remain fully in control of their online content.

Brand, New & Fresh chose Tim Trout Copywriting to edit its English language web content for the Design Shadows service, as well as the manual that covers the service offer in detail.

Best of luck with the new service to Quin and team.


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Apostrophe now!

New government focus on grammar set to kick in with primary school tests.

But (sorry) what will be its effect…?


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#avatars: how the internet has enriched our vocab…

A nice Guardian piece on a book that charts how the internet is shaping our lingo is a reminder that language never stands still.

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Jargon basement…

It’s a rough, tough world of politics out there – with business buzzwords the language of choice for politicians keen to be heard, and taken seriously.

If you’ve got the bandwidth, get this headline story on a proliferation of corporate-speak that’s even swept up the big enchilada Barack Obama.


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SEO: keywords just soooo yesterday

Once upon a time we copywriters knew where we all stood SEO-wise.

We included keywords and phrases in just the right percentage and position – then stood back and waited for the traffic to roar in.

This piece on neuromarketing is a useful taster of where we’re going next with SEO – if we haven’t started going there already…

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Happy New Year


The presents have been opened and the festive food consumed. That’s Xmas and Auld Lang Syne all done and dusted – and the days now getting longer.

A very Happy New Year to all Tim Trout Copywriting clients old and new.

I look forward to working with you as 2013 unfolds.



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Two way street

You bettcha. We’re certainly taking up with more and more Americanisms.

But our transatlantic neighbours are doing some importing of their own too…

See the BBC’s magazine piece on a spot of linguistic exchange



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August 30: TTC re-opens post holiday

Tim Trout Copywriting is once again open for business after a fantasically long, hot and lazy August break in France.

So do get in touch with your copywriting brief for websites, emails, brochures, reports, ads – in fact any platform or channel that demands engaging words to schmooze your audience.

Looking for a customised in-house copywriting course to sharpen up your team’s writing skills? I do those too.



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August 2: projects update

Loads going on at the mo, what with websites for apps, video scripts, more University of Bristol projects including faculty brochures – plus copywriting training courses now booking into September, including one for the UK’s biggest name in outsourcing.

All good. And now here comes the sun…

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